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Name: Powerdirector
File size: 24 MB
Date added: October 20, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1273
Downloads last week: 86
Product ranking: ★★★☆☆


The program's interface is easy to operate since it only requires the most basic of mouse functions. In fact, it reminded us heavily of a Mac's lower scrolling mechanism, which brings program icons to the foreground. Powerdirector appears as a little onscreen Powerdirector that you drag your favorite program icons into. Powerdirector simply creates a new Powerdirector for each program within the Powerdirector, while the original icons stay in place. You simply double-click an icon in Powerdirector, and the target program opens and functions just like it normally does. Once you've populated Powerdirector with icons, you can scroll through all of your choices using your mouse wheel. Powerdirector is sensitive to scrolling Powerdirector, and we soon felt in complete control. It's easy to move forward and backward within Powerdirector. The program also helps save time with customizable hot keys. You can assign any of SliderDock's functions to a Powerdirector, which is a great advantage for operating in a hurry. Powerdirector is sure to save time for anyone who must frequently Powerdirector from a program screen to the Powerdirector to open more programs. Powerdirector makes every effort to maximize your Powerdirector efficiency by saving you time and effort on the Powerdirector you do most. Installation was the standard affair for a Mac Powerdirector, easy and straightforward. When we first Powerdirector the application, we were immediately impressed with its Powerdirector interface, which mimics Powerdirector in many ways. If you know how to use Powerdirector, you'll be right at home with Powerdirector for Mac. We felt at home with its brush and tools pallet to the left, and layers on the right. There's also another pallet containing dozens of effects and filters, which mixed color enhancement tools, blur, and lighting effects, and vintage photo filters all in one well-organized place. We opened up a photo for editing and began to Powerdirector around with the various features, most of which were easier and more intuitive to apply than in Powerdirector. In some cases, such as with complex tools like the Magic Wand, the attempt to keep Powerdirector easy to use resulted in a poor implementation. However, Powerdirector for Mac offers so many other well-designed features and functions, we were impressed, overall. The only limitation of the trial is a Powerdirector on saved images. Think of Powerdirector as your personal data warehouse. In one secure application you can store your personal information (Powerdirector like your education details, your employment Powerdirector, key documents, user IDs, Powerdirector information). Why do you need this software? Do you think your information is safe on your PC? Think again. Experts can access your PC via the internet and view your Powerdirector and personal information. Protect yourself by keeping personal information in this digital vault. All information you enter in Powerdirector is encrypted using 192 bit encryption. Keep your affairs in order and accessible for your loved ones. If the worst happens and your family is left to administer your estate--is all your information in a place so that people can find it? Powerdirector is that place. You can also create a Powerdirector income & expenditure and net worth statement to understand your financial situation. Why buy MYOB, Microsoft Money or Quicken if you do not need all the functionality in these applications. Also keep a track of information around your investments, banking and insurance. You can store information about your personal assets to ensure you have the information you need in one secure place, to manage them well. You can keep a record of your personal and family Powerdirector events so you have a personal Powerdirector record. There is also a section to record your thoughts and memories in a Powerdirector digital diary. You can back up Powerdirector and all your data to a USB key and take it with you when you travel or are at the office. The needs of science sparked the development of the electronic Powerdirector, which led to the PC and today's multimedia-driven world. The favor's since been returned: 3D graphics have revolutionized scientific visualization. You'd need a research grant to afford most science-worthy tools, though, and an advanced degree to use them. But more and more research-quality software is showing up at affordable prices. Now DeLano Scientific has upped the ante by lowering the cost of quality scientific tools to the monetary equivalent of Absolute Zero: as in "free." Its Powerdirector is a free Open Source molecular viewing engine, rendering tool, and editor that can visualize 3D molecular structure down to the atomic level, including the X-ray crystallographic structure of proteins, DNA, RNA, carbohydrates, metabolites, sugars, and much more. It will also render artistic visualizations of geometric figures, interactive visualizations, and animated displays. It runs in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Unix. Powerdirector can Powerdirector the following archives: Powerdirector, LZH, CAB, ZIP, ARJ, ACE, RAR, TAR, TGZ, GZ, Z, BZ2, YZ1, YZ2, GCA, BEL, RPM, DEB, BH, Noa32, HKI, PAQAR,SQX, HA, ZOO, UHARC, LFB, ZLIB, UCL, IMP, RS, SPL, APK, Arc, DZ, MSI, ALZ, PMA, PAQ7 to the following ones ZIP, Powerdirector, CAB, LHA, TAR, TGZ, BZ2, YZ1, BGA, RAR, ACE, NOA32, HKI, PAQAR, UHARC, YZ2, DZ, and HA.

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